The Career Day organised by Grupo AN (ES) aimed to guide young minds towards promising career paths in technology and science, showcasing some attractive opportunities within the agri-food sector.

From agrifood cooperatives to food laboratories

The day began with eager secondary students visiting an agrifood cooperative. Here, they were introduced to the inner workings of the sector. As tractors bustled in with freshly harvested corn, the students observed the cooperative's operations, gaining insights into various roles such as field technicians, quality managers, and agronomist engineers.

The excursion then led to Palencia's university campus, where the students visited two specialized research centers, ITAGRA and CETECE. At ITAGRA, the laboratory manager highlighted their work in seed certification, capturing the students' curiosity with unique samples and specialized equipment. The visit to the greenhouses further demonstrated how science and technology intertwine in plant cultivation.

CETECE's visit was equally enlightening. The Training Director emphasized the enduring relevance of the agri-food sector, even in times of crisis, showcasing it as a stable career choice. The students explored CETECE laboratories, delving into the science and technology behind food production. 

The event targeted thirty students aged 14 to 17, standing at the threshold of their career decisions. These visits provided them with a tangible connection to the primary and secondary sectors of agri-food.

Feedback and Impact

The effectiveness of the Career Day was measured through pre- and post-event surveys. Initially, 47% of students expressed interest in field technician roles, and notably, all attendees had some connection to the sector. The post-event survey revealed a significant impact: 73% of students acknowledged the importance of such events, with around 70% reporting a substantial increase in their understanding of the agri-food sector. 

This proves the hypothesis of EIT Food: that Career Days are more than just educational trips: they can be gateways to the future of the agri-food sector. These events successfully ignite interest and provide valuable insights into potential careers by exposing students to the realities and opportunities within the agrifood sector. As the demand for innovative and motivated professionals grows in the agrifood industry, initiatives like this play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.