A Vibrant Start in Warsaw:
The event started with warmth and enthusiasm as attendees gathered for coffee and introductions, setting a collaborative tone. The introduction of Kasia Woźnicka as the new Public Insight and Engagement Programme Manager marked a significant addition to our team. Her expertise is expected to bring fresh perspectives to our initiatives and drive greater public engagement.

Strategic Engagement and Goal Setting:
The first day was dedicated to detailed planning with sessions on HUB onboarding and outlining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for 2024. Through interactive discussions, the team dove deep into strategies to achieve these KPIs, focusing on effective communication, precise data management, and comprehensive reporting. This collaborative approach ensured that every member was aligned and equipped to meet the organization's goals. With each country reaching at least 100 teachers and 5000 students, we are aiming to engage altogether at least 1500 teachers and 75000 students this year. The countries FoodEducators will be present in are the following: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

Team Building through Photo Hunt:
One of the highlights was the innovative team-building activity—a photo treasure hunt game that took participants through the heart of Warsaw. This fun and engaging activity was not just about exploring the city's foodscape but also about building connections and fostering a team spirit that transcends geographical boundaries.

Train the trainers:
The ‘Train the Trainers’ module on Day 2 equipped our HUB representatives with essential skills and techniques, enhancing their ability to engage and inspire. Subsequent workshops discussed strategies for student engagement and the development of the FoodEducators School Network, further emphasizing our commitment to education and community involvement.

Future Directions and Collaborative Opportunities:
The event wrapped up with discussions on future collaborations, highlighting future possibilities ahead. This session not only provided a platform for ideas but also reinforced the network's commitment to collective success and impact.

The successful kick-off of our HUB activities in Warsaw has laid a strong foundation for what promises to be an impactful year. With 15 countries now actively participating, FoodEducators is poised to make a significant difference in the field of food education.