FoodUnfolded is an exceptional platform that explores food topics through a variety of multimedia resources. Each month, their newsletter delivers a rich digest of articles, videos, and infographics covering the latest in food science, agriculture, technology, and sustainability. This content isn't just informative—it's designed to captivate and educate audiences - among them, your students (recommended age: 14+).

The newly launched newsletter by FoodUnfolded offers content you can enrich your classes with, as topics are offered in great variety, e.g. sustainable farming practices, a deep dive into food technology, or exploring global food cultures. Articles are all written in English, so you can use them in English as a second language classes as well.

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Food education is more than just learning about what we eat. It's about understanding the impact of food choices on our health, environment, and society. By incorporating FoodUnfolded into your teaching toolkit, you can offer your students a comprehensive, engaging, and up-to-date education on these crucial topics.Joining is simple. Head over to the FoodUnfolded website, scroll down and subscribe to their newsletter!