The name of the campaign suggests that the challenge to reduce meat and zoonotic products should start by eliminating meat from our diet for at least one day a week.

While information campaigns outline the topic, a more effective method of supporting a change in consumer habits, especially for young people, is practical action. Our Polish partners organised a cooking workshop for secondary school students from Olsztyn.

During the event, students learnt about the idea of Meatless Monday, explored conscious consumer attitudes with experts, including dealing with food labels and food packaging, and then stepped into the workshop kitchen, where they learnt about plant-based alternatives to their favourite dishes under the guidance of a chef. The event culminated with a shared meal and space to share their experiences.

"Meatless Monday is a great action that can be successfully incorporated into school canteens. Importantly, the students respond to the idea very enthusiastically!" - the organisers concluded.

Action points for organizing similar cooking events

  • When organizing a cooking event, divide it into 2 blocks: theoretical and practical part, where the practical block is longer
  • Allocate time for students to share their thoughts and impressions
  • Allocate time for a shared meal at the end

Action points for organizing Meatless Mondays in your school canteen (if applicable)

  • First provide information on why Meatless Mondays are important both from a health and sustainability perspective
  • Ask students for their opinions - focus on barriers and motivations regarding going meatless for at leat a day
  • Gather meal ideas from the students and design a menu together with the canteen staff
  • Pilot one Meatless Monday, ask for feedback.