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Themes are not mutually exclusive, and often overlap, therefore several of the lesson plans fall under more than one theme.

Each lesson plan has an introductory section that describes the target age group, specific educational objectives and connection with traditional school subjects.

Main learning objectives and outcomes:

Systems thinking: Broadening thinking to identify different elements within food systems and understand their complexity and interrelations.

Systems mapping: Explore the variety of jobs within food systems.

Sustainable lifestyle: Understand sustainability, from farm to fork to disposal.

Healthy eating behaviour: Identify the characteristics of healthy eating patterns.

How to use the lesson plans?

Most lesson plans conform to an average class duration of 45 minutes, however the plans include suggestions for expansion and additional optional activities that enable you maximum flexibility in planning your class time. Suggested timing is indicated in the introductory section.

Each lesson plan is a coherent unit and can be used separately. However, you can also link lesson plans to each other, creating a series of food-related classes for your students (e.g. ideal for thematic weeks or longer projects). Suggested linkages also appear in the introductory section.

Each lesson plan has a set of supporting materials for classroom use - these can be a worksheet for students, presentation to show in class, teacher notes or all of them. It is up to you to decide how to use them with your students - print or digital (using google docs for example). Lesson plans also include further background materials for preparation - links to podcasts, videos or relevant articles to enrich classroom work. These are not required and one can teach the lessons even without accessing any of them.

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