Kapcsolódó projektek

Kapcsolódó projektek

Tekintse meg az EIT Food egyéb élelmiszerekkel kapcsolatos oktatási programjait!

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National School Competition (UK)

The purpose of the National Primary Competition is to create a platform to encourage young people to actively engage with the agricultural industry, shining a light on food production and farming to build a positive relationship with the consumer. Throughout the competition, pupils and schools will engage in a variety of activities that challenge them to broaden their thinking, developing their knowledge and awareness of a sustainable lifestyle and food system. In June 2023, Year 5 and 6 classes (9–11-year-olds academic year 2023-2024) can register to enter the competition which starts in September 2023 and ends in June 2024. Across England, each class registered will engage in tasks and activities linked to the competition themes, creating a rich knowledge exchange of the farm to fork journey empowering them to make informed choices as a conscious consumer. Eight regional finalists (individual classes) will then be selected in January 2024 following the completion of the activities and tasks to win a finalist’s day on farm during the spring term. One overall winner will be chosen from the eight regional finalists and named the National Champion of the Primary Competition - From Farm to Fork 2024, receiving a day on farm for up to 200 pupils from their school and their families connecting the wider community to food production, farming, and the environment.

Contact info: Philip Adams | education@leaf.eco
LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Website: LEAF Education

Los Salvacomidas (ES)

Malnutrition is one of the biggest issues of our society and sadly, children are suffering the most. What kind of future will children have if they don’t know how to eat properly? Concerned about the problem, a group of companies and associations have created “Los Salvacomidas”, a project that aims to teach and educate children from a very young age, the basic knowledge and skills of nutrition that will shape their years to come. Also, an important highlight of the initiative is that they promote ”zero waste” movement.

Contact info: Miriam Sastre | miriam.sastre@eitfood.eu
Website: Los Salvacomidas

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